Tuesday 13 March 2007

Sew Green

sew green logo + my alfalfa sprouts with shadows
(sorry, I was so excited i didn't ask to post this logo, but I know you'd say yes)

I am enormously excited by what Lisa just told us, she's part of a new blog, a group blog a green blog! Sew Green is and arty crafty eco blog. It's the blog I've wanted to start but never had the time, because I was too busy peeing on my compost heap :0)

Living sustainably and caring about the world around us, people, plants, places, creatures - all these things are enormously important to me and explain some of the unusual ways I live my life, and why it's taking so long to finish the eco-renovation of my mobile home. It takes a long time to find the right materials in skips, or to afford to buy the eco alternatives.

It's also why my creative life swerved in different directions. The things I really wanted to do used toxic chemical were often not eco-friendly, so I stopped doing them and opted for less beutiful/practical options, but ones which my concience felt ok with.

Of course it's a lot easier nowadays to source non toxic printing inks, recycled papers and all manner of sustainable art materials. But for me, I'm not keen on buying stuff at all, I don't really want to be a consumer, so finding and reusing are my preferred options, most of the time, with thrifting as my naughty consumer pleasure from time to time.

Here's a snippet from the 1st Sew Green post, please do visit them and participate, and LIVE it-

The first month or so, we'll be introducing ourselves and sharing some topics we're interested in. Topics we're interested in will undoubtedly range from simple (tips on how to stop receiving junk mail), to more complex (how global economics affect environmental issues).

After our initial month, we plan to all research the same one environment/consumption-related topic per month and to share our findings/art/stories/thoughts/ideas around that subject. We're going to figure this blog out as we go. We hope you'll join us on our
Sew Green journey!


Anonymous said...

It's a lovely idea! I'll be going there to have a look – I know how difficult it is to be green, let alone sew green!

Tracy said...

thanks cally! looking forward to those composting tips!xt

Anonymous said...


You kill me with your peeing on compost ideas...but brilliant if it works!!

lisa solomon said...

:) thanks cally - check your email for a little something....

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