Thursday 15 March 2007

Evert Nijland

New to me are these pieces by Dutch jeweller Evert Nijland (draduated 1995) which I found via Charon Kransen Arts. I've no idea what they are made of, do leave a comment if you know more. They appeal to me because they look like the little air pod sections of seaweed, especially the one below left. Below right, I like how each little pod/bead is bound - better seen on a larger scale on the proper website.

I also like this piece which appears to be actual pieces of cast seaweed, but in all white.

Speaking of sea inspired pieces, Alyssa asked if I had done any work to do with mermaid's purses and funnily enough I have a post about that in my pre-drafted queue so it should pop up sometime next week. Also while I'm banished back into my own house for a week I will try and find some of my old work and/or sketchbooks so so can see a little more of where I'm coming from creatively.

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