Saturday 10 March 2007

My desk-1991

My college desk 1991

Ok, this isn't the post about my work, still working on that, but it sort of went with the previous post about water which had a big influence on a lot of my work. This is a photo of a photo taken through a shiny sleeve so only the centre portion shows the true colour (nope, don't have a working scanner).

The images shown clockwise are: pastel drawing of a bottom, handmade hand dyed sketchbook with printed type, sculptural light, sketchbook for shell drawings, fish and animal scales in watercolour on tissue (seen closer here) and crab legs on top of my batik papers (I had blue fingers for months) with a paper pod/shell just on the edge of the photo.

PS. Anyway who's emailed me on my big fish email address, I've not been able to check it for a while as it's playing up, but hopefully I'll get your mail eventually.

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