Saturday, 10 March 2007

Iris Eichenberg

German jeweller Iris Eichenberg is someone on the same jewellery wavelength as me, though you may not see why until I find photo's of my small 3D collage/mini installation jewellery. God knows where those photo's are but I think I have some of the actual pieces in a box somewhere. Not that our work is at all alike, but our interest ununusual of materials chimes well. She has a wonderfully diverse range of work including knitted pieces which you can see on her really proffessional website.

I only discovered her work last year (ab, after broadband). S
he graduated the same year as me and seeing how much she has developed and achieved makes me kick myself a little for not being better at the whole 'putting yourself out there' thing. But I plan to try that in the future.

House first though. I need to have a warm secure home to come running back to when gallery/shop owners scare the b'jeezus out of me- not you though Paola :0)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love independent jewellery makers, there's some very interesting pieces on her website, thanks.

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