Wednesday 14 March 2007

Francis Willemstijn

I am besotted by the chunky yet detailed and historically influenced jewellery of Francis Willemstijn. The piece above I think is my favourite because of that carved peice of wood, it's so gorgeous it makes my tummy ache.

Also making my tummy ache with excitement is an email I got today from Lisa S about Sew Green. I'll say more soon as it is very very exciting for me. But for now the time fast approaches for Miss P's arrival and still there is no-spare room sorted yet. Plus I've to make two Bond/Casino themed fancy dress outfits for a birthday party on Saturday and it's Mother's Day on Sunday (in the UK). Busy busy.


Anonymous said...

so luuuuurrvleyyy!!!

oh and i was at a bond/casino party the other weekend - not surprising i suppose since this is obviously going to be the year for it. i didn't go as a character but i have a lovely black velvet 50's cocktail dress and short white 50's fake fur coat so i wore those - i know 50's is a little early for bond technically but it fitted in anyway and i made my hair a bit more 60's just to blur the lines a bit. it was great fun! hope you enjoy yours!


Anonymous said...

Interesting and beautiful jewellery, not sure if they are very wearable but great to look at. How cool that you're making fancy dress outfits for a Bond themed party, sounds fun! Looking forward to hearing more about the unveiling of your 'Sew Green' mystery.

Cally said...

The Sapient Pig
Hi there, thanks for visiting, I like the sound of your costume. Most of my retro dress collection is from the 50's so I too have to do a lot of line blurring when I dress up, though for this one I think I have a gold 60's dress that will do the job, if I can get the damp smell out of it!

Crust Station
I'm a fancy dress wig wearing addict, love it, it makes up for the fact that I tend not to drink anymore. Will say more about Sew Green in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Cally, I wanted to pop you an email, but you said that you don't regularly check the address that I sent to. Would you mind telling me which one could I reach you with?


Cally said...

I'm actually having a bit of trouble with all my emails but you have my yahoo one, which I can check tonight.

That wedding sounded really nice.

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