Friday, 9 March 2007

Articulated fish

As promised, photo's of the articulated fish earring that came from the palest blue Karen.

I thanked her here, but lets just say THANK YOU again. She really 'gets' my taste, that old French envelope with it's gorgeous handwriting and the stamp, oh god, I was nearly drooling on it. And the little band made from the envelopes, well you all know how I'm obsessed with those blue papers so this was an especially lovely touch. And such a great handmade card - Karen, you should be showing more of your creations on your blog.

I don't wear earrings but little fishy will be popping up in one, or more, of my jewellery clusters that I make. Not that you ever get to see those, but Karen, I'll let you see. And it'll be nice in some of my collages too. Everything in my house gets used multiple times. There'll be more about that soon, still working on the post about my arty past. Also more on articulated fish, including the best one I have ever seen that belonged to my great Aunt.


Anonymous said...

Cally, your blog is *lovely.* I love all of the work you've posted about. So spare but detailed, and so pretty.

I actually have half a dozen articulated fish just like this. I bought them more than ten years ago when I first attempted beading as a teen.

Thank you for posting on my blog. It was so nice to see yours.

Nicole said...

Hehe, your comment made me burst into laughter - so cute! Your blog is very good looking! Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

I am clapping in delight for your treasures!!!

Cally said...

Thanks. I hovered at yours as soon as I saw what you had listed in your 'about me' sidebar, all things I'm interested in too- apart from your witty husband, don't worry, I won't be stalking and boiling your pets!

Hiya! Glad to bring a smile, I'm still smiling myself about your netflix story :0)

I can hear you clapping!

Anonymous said...

I have a few of those articulated fishes, I'll send you a picture.

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