Sunday 4 March 2007

Movie star mum?

Hey Lisa, thought you like the doors on/in my parents cottage.

So, my mother the movie star? Not quite.
Sounds like it was a film for the American Government. Last year someone near where my parents live died from Anthrax, the 1st UK death in 32yrs. He played the African drums and had played in a local Village Hall so after testing his home and finding nothing, they tested the Hall and found some spores, not enough to have killed anyone but enough to warrant decontamination.

An American company made the best bid for the job. My Mum has had a lot of contact with the NHS people who organised it the testing and told her 'the Americans' (as they are known locally, quaint) wanted her to be in a film they were making about it. She had no idea, till they arrived, what sort of film it would be and she was really nervous. Due to the huge probs we had in the morning* we didn't get to my parents till it was all over but by all accounts it went well, they filmed her at home and it was more like a documentary about the effect the events had on local people.

But hey, forget all that, when I walked in the door there was CAKE! Two cakes actually. One was made by mum, boiled lemon cake made with Polenta, so the perfect wheat free option for me. But I have to say, the one I couldn't keep my face out of was made by someone else (semi professional). It was the lightest, fluffiest most most cake I have ever tasted and was made with beetroot of all things. If you remember it's my my list of food to learn to love this year so, wheat or not, I had a great excuse to eat lots.

* one delay was the most exciting arrival of a huge bunch of helium balloons from the lovely Miss P and her boyfriend. I was having my 3rd attempt to wash my hair when the door went, I had to run out, hair in a right state, before they drove off!


amisha said...

love these door details... and that cake tin! wonderful. (very curious about the beet cake...)

lisa solomon said...

ooohhh i do love those door details... sigh.... so perfect

as is that cake tin [i guess i'm parroting amisha!]

Cally said...

It's a gooood cake tin isn't it. The beetroot cake, yum yum, I've been asking people-who-may-know if they have a recipe. Not that I'd be making wheaty cakes, but a lot of you should have the pleasure.

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