Friday 30 March 2007

Tangly Tree

Tangly tree, reminds me of my hair, it gets so knotted in at the neck and the rest goes a bit straggly in different directions.

After trying, asking begging and pleading to find out if my blog image allowance was filling too fast, and getting no response, I just saw this written next to my upload button!..

You are currently using 10 MB (0%) of your 1024 MB

I'm nowhere near being full. My blog will last for years!
Now I wish I'd done my images full width, but I was trying to save space so my blog would last longer. AND... even if it fill I can now buy extra space because they store it on Picassa. Hmm, perhaps bigger pics will follow? I'm not sure, I like that I have a year of things being the same size in all my folders etc. but then again, more detail. What do you think? Bigger, or just fine as it is with some white space to the right to help them breath?


Anonymous said...

Hi Cally, I like the look of your blog - it's very dainty just like the jewellery pieces you feature here. Wow Blogger give you so much space? Wordpress only provide 50 MB and as my blog is picture heavy with good quality images, I am already on 88%!! Perhaps I will consider moving back to Blogger.

Cally said...

Oh thanks C
When I signed up they gave 300mb, so today was a revelation!

Sometimes I don't show as wide a range of work as I'd like but now there's no reason to hold back if I have the time to prepare them.

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