Sunday 7 January 2007


I (sort of ) have a new dog!

I say sort of because he is actually my neighbours new dog, but she could only get him if we agreed to share his care as she is out at work lots and couldn't give the time and walking a medium sized dog would need. I can give that part, but just don't have a dog safe home yet or enough money for food and healthcare - so this arrangement works great solving both our problems. We'd talked about this last year but it all suddenly came together this week.

We saw him on friday at the Rescue place and really liked him, then yesterday we went and got him! I may be a little blog absent as I will initially be spending all my free time with him in her home so he gets used to me, the new surroundings, life in a mobile home etc.

He's a 4 1/2 month old labrador cross, not sure what he's crossed with, something smaller, I think, than a Lab, more slender, with a longer face. He's many shades of cold with blonde shoulder blades and a few white bits. I'll post a pic soon. The name he already has is Marley so we're happy to just stick with that.

I'M SO HAPPY! I am such a dog person, and not being able to have one has been a bit heart breaking for me over the last few years. I feel like a part of my life is back on track now. If only the weather was nicer, we'll be having some very cold, very wet and muddy walks this week, but hey, it's so worth it. I'm a little worried about my health initially as I'll have to do a lot of extra work training him and he'll be particularly demanding until he is settled. But like I say, it will be totally worth it, and the health benefits will ultimately hopefully help with a lot of my problems. And, for me, psychologically I find it so comforting having a dog. Don't get me wrong, I love all the various cats that are in my life just now, but dogs are different and give something that cats don't. I've really missed that.

So I'll be squishing through mud, jumping in puddles, catching on hawthorns and scooping poop for the rest of January. Yey, bring it on.


Anonymous said...

SO excited for you!!!

can't wait to see a pic!!

yay for poochies!

Cally said...

yay for you being as excited as me!

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