Friday, 23 March 2007


Sometimes you're so tired you could sleep on your own nose!

Thank you all for your comments about Marley, it was comforting to feel like the outside world noticed something changed. I know it's not the same as someone dying, I know we'd only had him 3 months, but he was like a part of me that had been missing for a long time and his going was so sudden, I wasn't ready for it at all. I just wish I had a photo of us together.

A cat can't stop onion tears, but he can be quite helpful regarding the other kind.

He's Mr P's cat, really, but he doesn't know that, since he I mostly look after him. He knows that if I'm not in the house, his house, I may be in mine, so he mews outside my door (no flap...yet)

I had to just sleep, mostly. And this little fellow came to keep me company and never expected me to talk, though I whispered cuddley words in his ear. Never asked me to explain anything, though I did anyways through slow tears.. Never tried to get me to make him feel better, but then he was pretty damn happy getting his tummy tickled and his ears rubbed. Not the same as a dog, but comforting in so many of the right ways. If only he knew how to bake cakes.

Did I ever mention that he has an incredible long tail, which is mostly held upright in a quetion mark? Here he i nibbling cat buscuits on the floor, tail straight back...

Back to bed now.


Anna P. said...

Could it be that our conection is in the ability to attract exactly the same cat? Blue, my Hawaiian, but snow loving pet also looks the same and had the odd question mark tail. It is too perfect!

Cally said...

Really? That's amazing.
I love all the ways we are connected, and I've been so much enjoying our emails. So pleased you are a blogger now... I'm away from my email tonight but I'll be back to help more tomorrow ;0)

Oiyi said...

I'm so sorry that Marley is no longer in your life. It's so hard. When I first got my pups (at different times), I couldn't imagine giving them up and that was only after a few days. I can't imagine losing them after 3 months.

Camilla said...

Thanks for commenting over on Muddy with Milla, it's nice to discover more UK based people in this world of blogging, and especially nice to find them when their blogs are so interesting and pretty to read.

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